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Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
19 September 2020 @ 10:55 pm
Friends Only;

Hmm... so maybe advertising my bad!fic to the world isnt the smartest option. I AM REALLY GOOD AT BEING ~EMBARRASSING.

So lets forget all about that and let me show you some SFW things that interest me at the moment:

If any of that interests you, (and lets face it, HOW COULD IT NOT?) feel free to friend me. I friend back 99.9% of the time; I am shameless about my online friendships, SHAMELESS I SAY. Unless you're a spam bot. Then I shan't friend you no matter how enticing your adds for v1agr4 are.
Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
01 January 2012 @ 08:52 pm
Movies watched in 2011:
La Vie En Rose
The Tourist
The Mostly Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green
Conversations With Other Women
The Social Network
LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring
LOTR - The Two Towers
LOTR - The Return of the King
Jeux d'enfants
P.S. I Love You
Breakfast on Pluto
Catch Me If You Can
Synecdoche New York
The Beach
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
The Aviator
The Departed
A Single Man
X-Men First Class
Minority Report

[check this list out]
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Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
My journal apparently only wants to let me see back to May 9th, which, I guess I'm okay with. If you had anything SUPER AWESOME happen to you, drop in and let me know.

We're about halfway through Summer A and I have a genetics test on Thursday that I've been studying fucking day and night for. I want to study more right now but I've been at it since... well lets see, I had class from 9:30 to 10:45, went to Mau's place for lunch, took a nap till 1pm, studied from 1pm to 6pm, took the bus to school, studied from 7pm to 10pm. So I've been studying pretty much all day. And I'm shit at studying at night anyway. I just don't focus unless its route memorization; 11pm hits and I'm just not able to think about anything :(

Which is maybe why I have GI Joe ready in VLC for me. Honest reason I'm watching this? I'm making my way through JGL's imdb. JUDGE ME, I DONT CURR. But I already know its going to be stupid as shit and I can't wait to see JGL in a lab coat. Or whatever he wears. Hopefully nothing. Doctors do that right? Yup. So I hear.

I have nothing really mind blowing to say. I feel a bit deflated, ground down and tied down. Maybe I'm bored and maybe I'm just sad that all of the people I loved in APO are gone and I'm here with all these people I didnt really get to know that well who are "cool" but who just seem like jerks to me. Typical frat bullshit. Idk, maybe they're great people. Maybe I'm the jerk.

That's honestly more likely.

Gonna have to drop a grand or so on an MCAT course which is gonna be great. So much fun. Hopefully I'll get a Smart Grant to pay for that because, otherwise, hello loans-ville.

Lol speaking of things I have to do: where am I living next year?? Since everything kind of fell out from beneath me with my Fall plans I guess I have to find a place to live or renew at CB. Cabana isnt a bad place to live and I love how light it is in the mornings, I barely have to set an alarm I get so much natural light up in this bitch, but still. I'd have to go in and stress to them that I dont want to live with people who are going to cry when I don't go out and party with them. I don't think there is such a thing as another Jocylen, but I dont want to find out.

I am reading Slaughterhouse Five right now because I am an adult who doesnt read fanfiction and roleplay ALL THE TIME. I need to have someone else in my literary repertoire. Haruki Murakami only gets you so far, and its been so long since I've read Isabelle Allende at this point that listing her among my favorite authors is a blatant lie. I could go the pretentious route and list off some short story authors and admit my love for poetry, but I should have some novels under my belt. Not just Genetics The Fourth Edition. Oh, and last semesters favorite: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry (W. H. Freeman, 2004). RIVETING. GRIPPING. EDGE OF YOUR DESK FUN.

Also, I think the dean can suck my cock for not giving A+'s. That shit is not legit. If I have a 97 in a class you better bet your fucking balls I want a plus after that A. Dont get me wrong, I did NOT get a 97 in Biochemistry because I am not a suave motherfucker living in Mombasa, but I DID get a 97 in Food Chemistry which WHAT THE FUCK EVER, I'D BE PROUD OF A 97 IN MANS FOOD-- which I'm taking Summer B, lol, so be ready for that GPA padding course right thurr.

This is getting long and GI JOESEPHGORDONLEVITT waits for no one. Except me. And my play/pause button. So Im gonna go lie in bed and fall asleep to some explosions or... whatever modern movies are about. Idk.

[edit] lol oh G.I. Joe, how ever do you live with yourself? 
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Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
01 May 2011 @ 01:30 pm
Well, the semester is over and that means that I am back in South Florida. Which inevitably means my suitcase is in my parents house and I am sleeping anywhere but. The ~illusion of being home, for my father's sake.

My parents switched from AT&T to Comcast which means they fucked up the wireless there which means they want me to fix it. Which is really, really fucking hard because a) software is harder to deal with than hardware, b) comcast is a cable set-up which makes things complicated, and c) my mother's form of organization looks vaguely like this. HARD. TO. DEAL. WITH.

So I have VERY limited access to the internet WHICH IS KILLING ME.

So, in an attempt to not break down in tears, I've made the decision to go to the beach! I'm updating from Alexis' house while she peeters around getting suntan lotion and towels and other stuff ready. Heres to hoping someone gets back to me about any parties going down while I'm here. There's always a rave when I'm not here...

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Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
27 April 2011 @ 04:31 pm
I wish I was like roy when I get stressed and stay up all night studying. That's why he has a 3.9GPA and scored in like, the 90th percentile on his PCAT. I on the other hand have decided to go to Argentina with transfer credits (that don't get assimilated into my already shitty GPA) and have pushed my MCAT back by at least a semester because the thought of taking it sets my mind absolutely fucking deer-in-the-headlights blank.

I should NOT go to Argentina and instead spend the semester taking an easy 18 credit course load (CRAZY) that will guarantee me 18 credits worth of A's. That would be the smart thing to do, right? 18 credits worth of A's would look better than a Latin American Studies Minor and four months abroad (regardless of what grades I receive in my classes over there), right?

I'm trying to study. I have a test tomorrow at 8pm and then a test at 10am on Friday.

I want to go to Argentina. I don't want to say I've never left the country. I want to have something worthwhile to talk about when I walk into my medical school interviews.

But I won't be accepted to med school interviews if I don't get the grades.

And the grades in Argentina don't count.

Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
"I really don't think that two people have ever been as perfect or compatible together as we are."

Which, when I think about it, is probably the sweetest text- the sweetest anything I have ever woken up to. He's not the best at everything, but when he gets things right, he gets them so right.

And because I'm obnoxious, have another ridiculous snippet of text conversation between us:

K:  Kissies?
M: Copious amounts. Kissies. Everywhere.
M: Im on the early 22 again. So 22 kissies for you.
K:  Lol I just got off the 21. So one less kissy for you.
M: Is your test rn?
K:  Soon!
M: Oh. Maybe I could see you but idk lady. You could cash in a few of the 22 kisses this way.
K:  Do my kissies accrue interest if I don't? Does this mean I get MOAR kissies?
M: Well... that makes the most sense. The Jew in you is finally appearing, you may be wife material just yet.
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16 April 2011 @ 06:44 pm
$250 to UFIC.

$150 to ASA.

Signed up for LAS4953.

Application completed for UF's study abroad.

Three days to see if I've been accepted to rolling admissions at Universidad de Belgrano.

Final exams on Friday (complete), Monday (Physiology + Food Chemistry), Tuesday (Human Nutrition), and Wednesday (written lab final).

There are a lot of things I'm just not thinking about right now.


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Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
12 April 2011 @ 12:29 pm
Do I want to talk about my bug bitten feet?


Do I want to talk about the stress that is getting signatures from 92837498 different faculty?


Do I want to write my final lab report?


Do I want to talk to my grandparents and talk about funds for Argentina?


Do I want to talk to the last few straggling pledges who didnt talk to me during Weekend and now want to eat up my time with their asinine little pledge problems?

Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
Welp. Its that time again kiddies. Weekend. Not the weekend. But APO Weekend.

Time to go into the woods for 48 hours with a bunch of my Fraternity Brothers and hope we come out alive.


If you want ridiculous updates on this, my twitter is hurr. If you already follow me and don't want HOURLY UPDATES, I suggest you unfollow for this weekend ;)
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Always a Scribble, Never a Master Piece
07 April 2011 @ 11:52 am
dont think about the money dont think about the money dont think about the money dont think about the money dont think about the money


These are the classes I'm going to have to hunt advisors down for signatures on:
Spanish Instruction:
Intermediate Spanish Language (assuming I don't suck MAJOR balls and get slapped back into beginner :c )
PEAL 331 Tango: The Expression of Buenos Aires
PEAL 262 Latin American Cinema
PEAL 302 Contemporary Argentine Art
PEAL 262 Latin American Cultural Studies

English Instruction:
PALAS 370 The Making of a Country through its Literature
PALAS 360 Political and Social Change in Latin America
PALAS 340 History of Latin America
PALAS 366 US Latin American Relations
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